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Case Study: FIBERTOWN Stays Online Throughout Hurricane Harvey

Clint Harrington, Sr. Asset Manager
January 24, 2018

We’ve all had the experience of viewing the devastation of natural disasters on TV and online. But until it happens to you in real life, you can’t truly conceptualize the impact a natural disaster can have on your life, both personally and professionally. Especially when it comes to businesses that are reliant on data, everything is at stake.

This is the message we heard from many employees at FIBERTOWN, a Texas-based data center and colocation provider and Digital Realty customer. When Hurricane Harvey struck the Houston area in August 2017, the area quickly started to flood and the damage to homes and businesses began to stack up.

By the time the storm cleared, there was an estimated $180 billion of damage done in the Houston area and many businesses were beset with costly downtime and massive repair costs. But thanks to its presence in Digital Realty’s Houston Connected Campus, FIBERTOWN was able to keep its data centers online throughout the event, causing no interruption of service for its customers.

If you would like to learn more about FIBERTOWN, why it chose Digital Realty, and how our data centers enable the business continuity that today’s digital world demands, click here to read our new case study, FIBERTOWN and Digital Realty: Surviving the Storms.

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