Meeting the Clean Energy Needs of our Customers

Many of our customers seek to power their data centers with renewable energy from resources such as hydro, wind, solar and biomass. We work with utility companies, project developers, and energy producers to create solutions that meet the clean energy objectives of our clients.

Digital Realty has developed a thorough understanding of how to build resource-efficient and environmentally responsible data centers. Clients rely on us to help them achieve their sustainability goals. Certifying new construction projects and major renovations is a hallmark of a best-in-class global real estate development business. Sustainable buildings have been shown to deliver increased asset value and lower operating costs as well as significant environmental benefits.

Our fuel mix continues to grow with renewable sources such as wind, solar and hydro power plants. In 2018, both our Colocation and Interconnectivity Business and our EMEA portfolio were 100% renewable. The U.S. EPA has recognized our efforts on this front, listing Digital Realty as one of the top 100 largest buyers of renewable energy on their national Top 100 list.

Key Initiatives

Program Scope Goal Performance
Clean StartSM Program Procure renewable energy credits on behalf of customers that sign eligible new leases Enroll 100% of eligible new customers Achieved 100% enrollment target; procured 322,000 MWh of renewable energy credits in 2016
Colocation and Interconnectivity Business Clean Energy Solution Source long-term utility-scale clean energy
Offset 100% of Colocation and Interconnectivity Business electricity footprint Sourced utility-scale renewable energy project to meet 100% of current U.S. Colocation and Interconnectivity business electricity footprint in 2016. Continued to meet in 2017 and 2018.
Clean Power Sourcing Initiative Source clean energy through site-level power
Increase quantity of site-level clean energy sourced across the portfolio year over year Procured 1,097,000 MWh of renewable energy over and above utility-supplied electricity in 2018

Green Data Centers

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