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Diversity is critical
to our mission

Diversity is an asset to any business. Certified diverse enterprises are invited to join our partner programs.


We are not only committed to growing our business with diverse suppliers—but also, to developing and mentoring these suppliers to enable stronger supplier partnerships and enhance capabilities.

Andrew P. Power

CEO of Digital Realty

Diversity benefits everyone.

Companies who focus on supplier diversity generate a greater return on procurement investments than competitors.


The return on procurement investments for companies who focus on supplier diversity, attributed to MBEs’ ability to deliver greater value. 


The growing number of minority people in the U.S. means that minority buyers will increase purchasing by up to 70% between 2000 and 2045. 

Certified diverse suppliers are a core part of our mission

Supplier diversity involves deliberately including diverse suppliers in bid opportunities to enhance their representation in sourced spend. This approach can effectively boost ROI and promote supply chain inclusion. Cultivating a supportive supplier diversity culture involves a purposeful process of assessing diverse supplier potential, measuring their contributions, and gauging the economic impact on communities.


Becoming a certified diverse supplier is good for business.

Registering with Digital Realty is an important step to demonstrate your ability to add value and provide high-quality goods and services that are competitively priced, reliable, and aligned with business requirements.

Interested in getting involved? Visit the supplier registration gateway