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Hero apac sustainabilty report

Sustainability Objectives

Category Objective 2020 Highlights UN SDG Alignment
Carbon Emissions Reduce Scope 1 and 2 emissions 68% per square foot and Scope 3 emissions from purchased goods and services and fuel- and energy-related activities 24% per square foot by 2030 (against 2018 baseline) Reduced Scope 1 and 2 emission intensity 24% and Scope 3 emission intensity 3% from baseline
Achieve carbon neutrality (Scope 1 and 2 emissions) for France data center portfolio from 2020-2030 Achieved carbon neutrality for 2020
Achieve carbon neutrality for EU data center portfolio in 2030 (EU Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact) Joined the EU Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact
Renewable Energy Long-term goal of making 100% renewable energy available to customers 50% renewable energy inclusive of utility supply. Signed 154 MW of new renewable contracts
Provide 100% renewable energy for European portfolio Achieved 100% renewable energy coverage in Europe, including Interxion

Provide 100% renewable energy for U.S. colocation business

Achieved 100% renewable energy coverage
Green Buildings Expand adoption of sustainably-aligned (green) lease provisions in new customer contracts 72% of net-new eligible contracts adopted green lease provisions since 20171

Achieve LEED Silver or country-specific equivalent certification for major new construction and redevelopment projects

Four certifications completed in 2020; two LEED-Silver, one BREEAM-Gold, one BCA Green Mark Platinum

Energy Efficiency

Benchmark 100% of properties in Energy Star Portfolio Manager; pursue certification for eligible properties Global Colocation PUE reduction goal of 10% by 2022 (against 2017 baseline)1 Interxion PUE reduction goal of 5% by 2020 (against 2017 baseline)

100% of properties benchmarked; 31 data centers certified (627 MW IT)

Global Colocation PUE reduction goal of 10% by 2022 (against 2017 baseline)1 Exceeded target; achieved 11% PUE reduction
Interxion PUE reduction goal of 5% by 2020 (against 2017 baseline) Exceeded target; achieved 6% PUE reduction
Management Achieve 100% ISO management certification retention and improve total number of certifications Achieved 100% certification retention and added 216 additional ISO certifications
Resilience Place in the top 25% (offices/data centers category) based on risk reduction score from insurance risk providers1 46% of insured sites placed in the upper 25% (17% increase from 2019)
Achieve Highly Protected Risk (HPR) status for all sites1 67% of insured sites achieved HPR status (21% increase from 2019)

1 Does not include Interxion portfolio.

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