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451 Research Report: Ireland


Cloud and Services Opportunities

Ireland is at a point of massive business change. Brexit is set to make it the only English speaking country in the European Union and Irish businesses are increasingly operating on the global stage. Digital transformation is core to successfully taking both of those opportunities, but it's splitting Irish businesses into two categories - 48% of companies see themselves as early adopters, grabbing the opportunity, while 52% stay conservative with their investment, weary of skills shortages and security threats.

Yet, the next few years offer opportunities across the economy, with €9bn in value yet to be unlocked from Irish business data alone. Working with 451 Group, we interviewed 100 small, medium and large enterprises representing Ireland’s most progressive industries and leading companies to get their views on technology adoption, their aspirations and perceived challenges. Our findings cover the current-day scenario of these organisations and their appetite for working with third-party providers (systems integrators, managed service providers, and cloud services providers) now and in the coming couple of years, as they seek to improve their business environment and internal IT operations.

The findings will show you the technology trends the most progressive businesses are investing in across industries and, highlights business attitudes to partnering to tackle upcoming issues, and exposes the need for providers to educate businesses on how they can help their digital transformation plans.

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