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Trading Technologies Meets Global Market Needs with an Agile Trading Platform

When Trading Technologies developed TT®, an electronic trading platform delivered on a SaaS basis, it sought a global network of colocation data centers to host it. In London, the company opted to colocate the platform at Interxion, where it's been a customer since 2010.

Interxion provides the great service we count on from a business partner. We expect to continue colocating the TT trading platform at Interxion London for the foreseeable future.

Tim Murphy , VP of Service Management, Global Operations and Support, Trading Technologies

Professional traders of every stripe — proprietary traders, brokers, high-frequency trading firms, money managers, and more — use the TT® platform from Trading Technologies to trade futures, options, cryptocurrencies, and other assets globally.

It was imperative to distribute the TT® platform across colocation data centers in 10 major financial cities and to interconnect them using a high-speed global mesh network managed by Trading Technologies in order to deliver the high-quality experience professional traders expect.

Read the case study to learn how partnering with Interxion allowed the platform to offer the ultra-low-latency connectivity and proximity to Exchanges required and why Trading Technologies expects to continue colocating at Interxion London for the foreseeable future.

*This content was originally published by Interxion: A Digital Realty Company.