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TIG Enables Customers' Digital Transformation

Digital managed service provider TIG has an enviable track record of helping enterprises achieve their digital transformation objectives. Among the solutions TIG designs, develops, and manages, are private, public and hybrid cloud solutions based on its deep expertise in Microsoft Azure public cloud, complemented by its own cloud platform.

Beyond the data centre itself, which provides everything we need in terms of security and availability, we like the fact that Interxion is always looking for ways to make its customers' lives easier.

George Georgiou , TIG’s Chief Operating Officer 

For TIG's customers, connecting to their Azure environments over the internet would pose quality-of-service and security issues. On the other hand, running physical cables into the data center would be complex and costly, as well as challenging to scale; and could lead to multiple points of failure. For a solution, TIG has co-located its private cloud infrastructure at Inerxion’s London campus, and provides Microsoft Azure services from there.

*This content was originally published by Interxion: A Digital Realty Company.