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Forging New LINX: Interxion Helps the London Internet Exchange Grow and Diversify

In 2008, while facing a rapidly growing member base, LINX needed to expand its network footprint across London to keep pace with demand. Today, Interxion’s London data center campus extended LINX’s viable connectivity while expanding the organization’s peering services.

Connectivity to LINX is business-critical for our members across the capital and around the world, so we needed to eliminate any single point of failure.

Richard Petrie , CTO at LINX

When the London Internet Exchange (LINX) chose to host mission-critical switching and routing equipment inside Interxion’s London data center it was the step it needed to support its growing member base. With infrastructure in the heart of the City, LINX can now empower even more carriers, networks, and content distributors with fast, efficient, and cost-effective access to global connectivity.

Read the case study to learn how the expansion brought LINX members more availability and increased service resilience, while also driving commercial competition amongst those colocation providers offering a LINX point of presence.

*This content was originally published by Interxion - A Digital Realty Company.