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DigitalOcean, the Leading Cloud Platform Exclusively for Developers Broadens its Customer and Geographic Base

Spinning up to 500 new cloud server instances per day, DigitalOcean is a company on the move. This current growth demands increased server capacity and flexibility. Digital Realty’s strategic locations, exceptional support and robust connectivity options enables DigitalOcean to keep CAPEX in check and deliver an optimum blend of on-demand cloud services to clients.

This case study covers DigitalOcean’s partnering with Digital Realty to keep pace with the expanding demand for its platform coming from over 170 countries. Digital Realty’s flexible remote hands model also enables DigitalOcean to run lean when it comes to support, capacity and server deployment. DigitalOcean is also able to spend more time creating value-added services for its clients rather than spending cycles deciding how, when and where to add server capacity.

“From our point of view, Digital Realty understands we are only as good as they are. We can’t grow without their infrastructure being ready for us at all times. Even an hour or two delay in deploying our on-demand services translates into lost customers for us.”

Mitch Wainer Co-Founder and CMO DigitalOcean