Deepvalue Casestudy
— Case Study

Deep Value

Delivering Advanced Trading Algorithms


Deep Value is one of only two providers of algorithms to the floor of The New York Stock Exchange. To achieve leadership in algorithmic trading requires flexible and cutting edge technologies, Deep Value has implemented its proprietary trading logic on a blend of proprietary software with industry standard open source components. Their container-based system has sophisticated work scheduling frameworks and is fully distributed and fault-tolerant, ensuring maximum uptime for their clients.

Deep Value determined it was necessary to conduct additional analysis of their trading algorithms using historical data. The firm has notable analytical and computational research capabilities running complex market and strategy simulations on hundreds of terabytes of data. To compile these simulations requires splitting the workload across hundreds of machines running in parallel.

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We routinely run tick-bytick computations on 300 machine clusters generating event-by-event data. Digital Realty made it easy for us by offering a single-vendor solution encompassing two data centers as well as interconnectivity between the two.

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