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Blacknight - Clear Communications at the Core of Strong Partnership

As a hosting provider in its own right, Blacknight needs to have a strong partnership with its main data center operator, and that’s just what it has. Interxion’s culture of communication and a strong commitment to service have ensured the relationship has strengthened over time, enabling Blacknight to guarantee high levels of service to its own customers.

Data center services that we take from third parties are more than mission critical. In the case of a company such as us, all of our services are online. We have thousands of customers from all over globe – in some cases running multi-million euro businesses.

Michele Neylon  , Blacknight founder and CEO

This case speaks about the benefits Blacknight realized when they partnered with Interxion:

  • Guaranteed power availability up to 99.99% – critical for serving Blacknight’s growing customer base
  • Physical office space on site, allowing Blacknight to locate staff there for ongoing hardware maintenance
  • Access to ISP and telco connectivity

High levels of physical and technical security

  • Strong personal communication and fast response to any issues
  • Interxion can provide additional ‘hands and eyes’ 24x7 support if required, as well as training

*This content was originally published by Interxion - A Digital Realty Company.