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Afterpay is a global Fintech provider based in Australia, providing a buy now, pay later payment platform. Their proprietary decision-making engine determines credit worthiness of their retail customers, in near real time, on a global scale.

Afterpay is on an expansion growth track with over 2 billion in sales processed through the platform in FY18, a 289% increase from FY17.

Supporting the corporate IT demands of this growth requires low latency and high availability of their corporate applications to production cloud environments to their 450 employees (and growing very quickly) in locations across the world. By leveraging Service Exchange, Afterpay is able ensure the deliverability their corporate IT environment with ideal proximity to employee base by utilizing strategic edge deployments coupled with Digital Realty’s comprehensive interconnection offering to simplify, scale and improved experience.

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Service Exchange has helped us to expand our corporate IT environment rapidly across the globe.

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