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Partnering for Customer Success

Kathleen Atkins
June 5, 2019

What defines your business? At Digital Realty, it’s all about our customers. Customers are the driving inspiration to continuously transform how we work, and our primary motivation to innovate beyond what’s expected. This focus enables us to power our customers’ infrastructure, to provide the strategic footing and technology for success today and to help them scale in the future.

Beyond technical IT infrastructure, our team is the engine that drives everything forward. Corey Dyer, EVP of Global Sales & Marketing, is the newest member of the Digital Reality leadership team—and the perfect fuel for that engine. His full-spectrum view of technology implementation gives him a unique perspective that promises to help broaden our offerings through partner and channel relationships and drive our customer-centric solutions to the next level. Let’s get to know Corey a little better.

As a child, Corey was already motivated by a deep desire to know how technology works. He got his hands on an Apple Lisa in the early 1980s and recalls, “I remember dabbling in programming in BASIC. That was my first memory of being excited and intrigued by technology and the powers it held.” Decades later, his fascination continues to manifest as intense curiosity about evolving tech and how it can be harnessed: How does it work? How can it help people? How can it empower businesses?

Since the days of CGA monitors, Dyer started selling servers and storage at Dell. This humble beginning was a secret weapon in disguise: it gave him a glimpse into where data centers were headed and how they figured into end-to-end technology strategies that were starting to emerge.

I want to understand everything I can about my customers’ business in order to be the best advocate for them. Understanding their data center environments was a crucial piece in the puzzle.

Corey Dyer , EVP of Global Sales & Marketing
A visionary in a new role

Now a 25-year technology veteran, Corey has shifted gears to focus on the data centers as a way to elevate the industry as a whole. With technology advances like AI, IoT and 5G fueling rapid increase in the creation and consumption of data, data exchange requirements are both growing in complexity and changing constantly.

That’s why Digital Realty was the perfect fit for Corey. “Monitoring the industry from the outside, it was clear that Digital Realty positioned itself to be the best at addressing customer needs—no matter what the size—on a global scale. Whether it was a single cabinet, or a 20MW setup, Digital Realty delivers quality and consistency. My plan to grow our partnership programs is going to allow us to scale the solutions in a trusted way. We’re going to be able to act as a curator of excellence between our customers and our partners.”

Corey’s goal is to ensure sales harmony across all our channel routes to market by focusing on bringing integrated solutions to our customers, empowering those customers to take full advantage of the assets and capabilities that will enable their businesses. “Colocation levels the playing field, giving any size business direct access to providers.”

What does the future hold?

With an increasing number of organizations moving towards cloud, distributed architecture, and making more use of colocation and data centers, having a network of resources to deliver customer solutions is more critical than ever. After all, trust is paramount.

Customers trust us and our partners. The closer we get to our channel partners, the better poised we all are to succeed together.