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Digital Realty and HPE: Are You AI and Data Ready?

Tony Bishop, Senior Vice President, Platform & Solutions

As a proud platinum sponsor of Gartner’s 2023 IOCS Conference, Digital Realty appreciates connecting with our partners, clients, and peers while focusing on how the platform revolution can accelerate value for tomorrow’s organizations. Thanks for helping us make it another memorable and productive event.

With $100 trillion in unrealized opportunities in oil and gas, logistics, healthcare, retail, and more1, now is the time to bolster efforts to grow and scale from a digital economy into a data economy. A recent survey reveals that most C-level executives across nine industries in twenty-three countries revealed that the data economy is driving their business agendas. For example:

  • 76% plan to use data to improve customer experience and build new digital products
  • 72% plan to add new business locations in the next two years
  • 78% maintain local copies of customer data for business and compliance purposes
  • 77% identified data latency-specific performance requirements2

However, the data gravity generated by this growth requires a new architecture, one that inverts the traditional structure and brings users and clouds to the data.3 This distributed, data-centric, and hybrid architecture places data exchange centers as distributed points of presence.

We’re redefining experiences with HPE GreenLake

Our truly global, strategic partnership this year with HPE Greenlake (HPE) resonates in the market, and our customers see the value our partnership brings them. We have built a great working relationship and common value proposition; since we don’t compete in the services space, we each focus on what we do best.

  • The HPE GreenLake cloud-based software platform delivers functionality and user experience across HPE GreenLake
  • Its common capabilities include user authentication, role-based access control, quoting and ordering of services, managed service provider workflows, metering and billing, tagging, inventory management, notifications, API and CLI standards, and more
  • HPE GreenLake offers a seamless cloud experience across the hybrid and multi-cloud cloud via a single pane of glass
    • All multi-vendor tools, processes, and workflows are centrally managed and accessible from one integrated service catalog, driving greater efficiency and adoption
  • The HPE GreenLake experience is complemented by a broad +1100 ecosystem of partners and 15,000 global HPE experts who help with cloud adoption programs, hundreds of successful cloud transformations, migration services, and full management of your environment.

Together, we now build pre-packaged and validated solutions to support cloud, data, and AI. This allows organizations to scale their platform and unlock its maximum value by being AI and Data Ready. The platform supports financial, technical, operational, and sustainability-type common functionality for various HPE and partner services.

At Digital Realty, we are the home of hybrid IT, where Data Gravity is solved and value is created. We aim to bring companies, technologies, and data together, in bold new ways to power the innovation determining our future.

Interested in learning more? We can be at your desk tomorrow and get started together.

About Digital Realty:
Digital Realty brings companies and data together by delivering the full spectrum of data center, colocation, and interconnection solutions. PlatformDIGITAL®, the company’s global data center platform, provides customers with a secure data meeting place and a proven Pervasive Datacenter Architecture (PDx®) solution methodology for powering innovation and efficiently managing Data Gravity challenges. Digital Realty gives its customers access to the connected data communities that matter to them with a global data center footprint of 300+ facilities in 50+ metros across 25+ countries on six continents.

1 World Economic Forum with Accenture. Digital Transformation Initiative.
2 Global Data Insights Survey 2022, Digital Realty Market Intelligence
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