Digital Media

Digital Media

The Power of Interconnection

62% of all internet traffic will cross content delivery networks by 2019, and 80% of all traffic will be video, according to Cisco.

Directly and securely interconnect clouds, networks, and ecosystems to meet the demands of your customers anywhere. Through our data center for digital media services, you'll access 1600+ networks that enable you to deliver content at the edge.

Why Choose the Digital Realty Data Center for Digital Media Services

  • A comprehensive and flexible solutions allow companies to scale up or down easily

  • An industry-leading record reliability and uptime: 11 Years of five nines (99.999%)

  • A significant global footprint across 32+ global markets

  • A wide array of options from connectivity to high-performance networks

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    Digital Media computer

    Better Cost Control

    A flexible, future-proof environment that optimizes content delivery and improves control of IT costs.

    Address your customers' current and future needs through a single high-performing environment addressing compute, capacity, provisioning, and scalability.

    Digital Media

    Resiliency and Stability

    Ensure network availability and performance with proximity to carrier hotels and intersite connectivity.

    Leverage the ability to replicate your platforms on a global basis by easily deploying to multiple availability zones and establishing multi-region functionality through one provider.

    Global Media

    Grow Without Limits

    Scale infrastructure without limits, from single cab to multi-megawatt to hyperscale deployments.

    Harness the power of dense interconnection through our connected campuses and rich network sites.

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    Case Study

    • Case Study Highlights

      The Internet promised users three things—instant access, 24/7 availability, and that nothing will ever go away. Turns out, these promises are breathtakingly hard to keep. Having Digital Realty as our data center provider gets us as close as possible to that goal.

      Parker Ranney, VP, Operations at Smule
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