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Financial Services Organizations

Interconnected Communities - Digital evolution has sparked a major shift in the world of Financial Services

Digital evolution has sparked a major shift in the world of Financial Services

This shift is driving the industry to the forefront of innovation.

Developments in digital technology have led to Financial Services organizations creating solutions that utilize insight and data to improve customer experience and competitive advantage across their offerings. Those thriving in today’s age are the ones who create the most competitive digital ecosystem, one that spans the major financial hubs across the globe.

Is your company’s data getting the care and attention it needs?

Find out from Andy Power, Digital Realty’s Chief Financial Officer, how Financial Services companies are getting the most from their data – and changing their data center needs as a result.

Staying competitive in the world’s top financial hubs

To keep up with the pace of change, Financial Services must adjust their business models to create the most competitive interconnected communities. Digital Realty works with Financial Services organizations to deliver the flexible environment they need to optimize the access and exchange of their data. We help them build their competitive interconnected communities in prime locations to enable ultra-low latency access to an ecosystem of market participants, including trading venues, market data providers, buy side and sell side firms, as well as cloud, managed service and network service providers.

Digital Realty's trusted foundation

Our trusted foundation enables our customers to rapidly respond to market conditions and new technology trends such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) which is becoming a driving force of intelligence for many competitive organizations.

As a result, our next-generation data centers form an integral part of Financial Services strategy and ensure that the right controls, processes and procedures are in place to meet the full range of market and regulatory demands.

Why Financial Services Companies Choose Digital Realty

  • Direct connections to the cloud

    "Starling Bank is engineering the world’s best current account bank. Our strategy is to work with partners who also seek to be the best at what they do; hence we leave the physical infrastructure to Digital Realty."

    – Steve Newson, Technology Director, Starling Bank

  • Fast, direct connectivity with 100% uptime

    "In modern banking, information technology (IT) systems are mission critical, and data centers are the fundamental building blocks of a robust, resilient IT environment."

    – Team of Data Center Operations, NAB, Australia

  • Remote support at the most critical time 24x365

    "Digital Realty facilities can provide direct internet bandwidth connectivity to and from collocated equipment allowing for more diverse connectivity and greater carrier choice."

    – CBRE

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    Highly secure portal assets, physical infrastructure management and data policies and procedures ensure secure, private connectivity to high-performance networks across an interconnected ecosystem.

    We understand that data security demands are more than antivirus programs and firewalls to guard against cyber criminals. That's why data center security – both physical and information – is an essential part of our strategy for ensuring operational efficiency and peace of mind for our customers. With highly dependable security measures in place, we give peace of mind so that customers can focus on running their business.

    Counterparty Risk

    We are a viable business, here for the long term. Our REIT status means that we are a long-term investment; financially, we have a strong balance sheet, and are the only data center provider to have an investment grade credit rating.

    Operational Transparency

    Fully transparent technical operations planning and reporting, with an industry leading record of reliability and uptime of 12 years of five nines availability (99.999%).

    Compliance and Audit Support

    Comprehensive compliance programs with strict requirements to meet industry standards and transparent processes to support audit and regulatory requirements. Digital Realty has incorporated compliance programs into the design and management of our security systems and data centers. This means that we meet the rigid standards incorporated into the most relevant data center certifications programs, including SOC2, PCI-DSS, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 & ISO 27001.

    Ease of Transaction Completion

    Ability to move fast and meet deadline, working with the customer every step of the way to maximize their cloud and interconnection strategy.

    Interconnected Global Ecosystem

    Leverage the integrated global platforms necessary to access your data, buy, exchange and sell services, while leveraging the tools to interact with potential business partners and market products.

    Digital Realty delivers the future of global financial market exchanges worldwide while providing a secure, yet easily accessible IT environment to build and grow financial trading infrastructure.

    Where is your digital community?

    The physical location of a data center can have a major impact on data speeds and latency. We have data centers in all the major financial hubs (for example, London, New York and Singapore) and continue to add to our portfolio.

    To comply with data sovereignty and data protection laws, we are able to support customer requirements to host certain data domestically/ in certain countries. Our global reach ensures that customers have a choice of where to host their data.

    When and Where You Need Us





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    An Environment for Digital Transformation

    Utilize our data center environment to optimize IT strategy, while at the same time gaining access to a multitude of services, such as edge, big data, AI and blockchain.

    Digital Realty will provide a highly-secure, flexible environment to optimize the access and exchange of data, meet compliance and regulatory demands, wherever and whenever it is needed.

    Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

    We strengthen and maintain business and operational continuity with offsite backup in multiple locations. Customers can depend on a trusted partner with industry-leading availability to deliver redundant data center sites and recovery capabilities faster and more efficiently than any other provider.

    We ensure the resiliency of markets with data centers strategically located and purpose built for disaster recovery and access.

    Resilience and Reliability

    We deliver redundant data center sites and recovery capabilities faster and more efficiently than any other provider. With an industry-leading 12 years of 99.999% (five nines) availability, we ensure our customers have an always available and constantly accessible, secure computing environment.

    Find out how Digital Realty can help you gain your competitive advantage.

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