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        See how they leveraged PlatformDIGITAL™ Data Hub to localise data aggregation, staging, analytics, streaming and data management to optimise data exchange and maintain data compliance.

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        By partnering with a company like Digital Realty, Criteo has somebody who can work with them to ensure they move a long way towards their sustainability goals

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        With increasing demand for a turnkey experience, Join™ helps their customers brings the built and digital worlds together with the essential Network-as-a-Service and IT-as-a-Service offerings for Smart Buildings and Smart Workplaces.

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Engaging Stakeholders

We seek to engage with stakeholders that are key to our business success, as well as those that may be affected by our business activities. Digital Realty’s key stakeholders include employees, customers, investors, joint venture partners, governments and regulators, suppliers, communities and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Customer Experience

Digital Realty is committed to our customers’ success. In addition to assigning a Customer Success Manager for every customer, we have adopted the Net Promoter Score (NPS)® methodology to measure overall customer loyalty.

One hundred percent of our customers received customer satisfaction surveys in 2019 and our NPS scores have more than doubled in the past three years. In addition to NPS surveys, we leverage real-time transactional surveys to drive continuous improvement programs monitored at the executive management level. Our executive management team reviews survey results and action plans on a regular basis. Our Customer Success team follows up with survey responses as part of our Closed Loop Management program, and we offer a 24x7 “always on” feedback channel called Digital Delivers, which members of our executive team actively monitor.

Do Better Together

Digital Realty is committed to giving back to the communities where we operate and we continue to encourage and celebrate community involvement and employee engagement activities through our Do Better Together initiative. Our program includes:

  • Community Involvement
    In 2019, community involvement efforts included bike rides supporting purchasing
    of student materials, packing backpacks for low-income students and homeless veterans, cleaning up highways and retirement home events. Our employees organized events across the globe, from San Francisco to Dublin to New York to Singapore.
  • Donate 8 Program
    Employees are allotted eight hours of paid time-off per calendar year during regularly scheduled work hours to volunteer for eligible organizations. In 2019, over 520 volunteer hours were taken by management-level and below employees in the US alone.
  • Matching Gifts Program
    We encourage our employees and directors to give back to the community by matching their contributions to eligible charitable organizations through our Matching Gifts Program. In 2019, the Company matched approximately $235,000 in employee and director donations to 138 charitable organizations.
  • Corporate Giving Program
    In 2019, Digital Realty began a corporate giving program, where the company gave monetary gifts to organizations that align with our companywide areas of philanthropic focus: sustainability, disaster recovery and science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education. The Company also donated to charitable organizations that benefit the communities where our data centers are located, including relief funds for wildfires in Northern California.

Health And Well-Being

Our Chief Human Resources Officer is responsible for leading the human resources functions, including compensation, benefits, talent management and staffing. Our Human Resources team makes it a priority to provide programs and benefits that promote healthy and productive lifestyles. Employee surveys are conducted annually to solicit employee feedback in order to prioritize and improve our benefit offerings. Our benefits1 in 2019 included:

  • Health, vision and dental insurance
  • Flexible working and work-from-home arrangements
  • Equal maternity and paternity leave
  • Teledoc to see licensed doctors using live video visits on smart devices
  • Annual Benefits Fair in multiple locations for information on the coming year benefits, including vendor booths an open forum for employees to ask questions
  • Life and disability insurance
  • Pre-tax commuter and parking benefits to encourage public and alternative transportation
  • Tuition reimbursement program
  • Fitness reimbursement program
  • Financial planning assistance
  • Professional legal counsel and online legal resources
  • Identity, financial and privacy protection
  • Designated nursing rooms, meditation rooms, and space for religious worship
  • Ergonomic assessments for employees
  • Company discounts at various global locations through TicketsAtWork
  • Annual flu shots
  • Company-provided EAP and access to mental-health services
  • Paid time off to volunteer in the community via the Donate 8 Program
  • Charitable contribution matching


Keeping with our 2019 theme of Year of the People, we launched a new company-wide wellness program, Wellness@Digital. The program serves to invest in the health, fitness, financial wellness and overall quality of life for our employees. Each quarter we implemented wellness challenges – Getting Fit with Digital in the Winter, a step challenge in the Spring, a variety wellness challenge in the Summer, and “Planksgiving” in the Fall. Through these challenges we focused on promoting physical activity and an active lifestyle, incentivizing winners with prizes including gift cards, a Peloton bike, fitness tracking watches and other health-related items.

Diversity and Equal Opportunity

It is Digital Realty’s policy to recruit talent based on skill, knowledge, attitude and experience, without discrimination on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, age, family status, ethnic origin, nationality, disability or religious belief. We also evaluate pay equity annually and have an affirmative action plan in place to ensure the diversity of our workplace will represent the qualified applicant pool in the regions where we operate.

In February 2019, we amended our Corporate Governance Guidelines to clarify that our Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee will ensure that it includes, and request that any search firm that it engages include, candidates with diversity of race, ethnicity and gender in the pool from which director candidates are selected. Additionally, we recently added two new women directors to our Board.

View Employee Diversity Statistics >

Employee Engagement

Digital Realty has a global, intentional and continuous approach to measuring and enhancing employee engagement, which includes quarterly surveys, consistent leadership communications, executive- employee roundtables and focus groups. In 2019, we implemented an employee engagement platform to anonymously collect employee feedback and give managers tools to focus in on what matters and take action to enhance employee engagement. These surveys are deployed quarterly to give us a real-time view and measure firm-wide and team-wide engagement conditions. Survey results are aggregated into an Engagement Index Report that is shared with our executive leadership team. Quantitative results and qualitative feedback from these surveys and sessions are used to enhance employee engagement. Digital Realty also provides a range of award and recognition programs to show its appreciation for employees that go above and beyond, including on-the-spot awards, quarterly company-wide recognition and innovation awards.

Training and Education

In 2019, employees spent an average of 14 hours per FTE on training and development, totaling 24,134 hours. Additionally, in 2019, we launched a Mentoring Program Pilot to enhance employee and leadership development for high potential employees. The pilot included 22 participants in 2019 and a larger Six Sigma pilot will be implemented in 2020.

A Platform for Women

Digital Realty’s Women’s Leadership Forum (WLF) was established in early 2018 with the purpose of bringing together the women at Digital Realty to promote a diverse and inclusive culture and help deliver the next wave of digital innovation. WLF’s goal is to provide an opportunity to collaborate with, mentor and seek input in regard to professional and career development. WLF’s executive sponsors are our Chief Executive Officer, William A. Stein, and Board Member Mary Hogan, and has a regionally diverse steering committee with regional chapters in all of Digital Realty’s major markets.

In its first full year, WLF was extremely successful in implementing activities that encompassed WLF’s pillars of Inspire, Empower, Develop, Grow and Engage. WLF’s 2019 activities included:

  • Hosting global and regional events, including “Lunch/Learn” events, with external speakers supporting professional development
  • Launching and hosting a Company-wide webinar program, or “Masterclass Series”, covering topics to enhance Digital Realty business knowledge and self-development
  • Creating and distributing bi-monthly newsletters, new hire welcomes, ad-hoc communications, and videos
  • Organizing and participating in community involvement activities, including career mentoring with a San Francisco non-profit organization that partners with high school-aged young women of color from under-resourced communities, and charity events from Ashburn to Singapore supporting local women’s shelters and homeless shelters
  • Participating in external events to encourage networking with similar groups and forums, including the Women’s Tech Forum (WTF) and Tech Industry Forum

Occupational Health and Safety

Environmental Occupational Health and Safety (EOH&S) is integral to how we operate as a company. Digital Realty’s EOH&S program is managed by our Operations team and led by our Director of Technical Operations. We have established and documented an integrated, global OH&S management system compliant with the principles of ISO 45001/OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001. Our EOH&S Policy supports an environment that strives toward zero occupational injuries and illnesses through prevention, training, inspections and maintenance.

The number one safety challenge in the data center industry is energized electrical work (EEW). Digital Realty has developed a comprehensive EEW policy to minimize “live” work in our data centers to help ensure the safety of our employees, contractors, and customers in addition to ensuring compliance with applicable government rules and regulations and industry standards while also providing the levels of uptime expected by our customers.

As part of our comprehensive Hazard Recognition, Evaluation, and Control (HREC) program, Digital Realty has developed best practices and tools for managing infrastructure-related emergency responses comprised of the following components:

  1. Emergency Operating Procedures (EOPs) site-specific EOPs include equipment information and sequences of events necessary for facility and emergency personnel to respond to 20 different emergency scenarios ranging from to emergency power down procedures to responding to diesel fuel spills.
  2. Emergency Response and Management
  3. Training Program: Digital Realty’s safety training program is a comprehensive, blended learning solution that we continue to improve. Overall monthly safety training compliance was 98% in 2019.
  4. Drills Program
  5. Compliance/Quality Assurance


In 2019, we revised our Code to include policies on labor and human rights, and supporting the principles contained within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. The Code applies to all directors, officers, employees and agents, wherever they are located and whether they work for Digital Realty on a full or part-time basis and is available to all employees globally. We require written acknowledgment from employees that they understand and comply with the Code every year during our annual attestation program. For full information on our Corporate Governance, including management structure, Board of Directors, committee charters and policies, see Investors page.

Ethics and Integrity

Digital Realty has a zero-tolerance policy on corruption and bribery. We comply with the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the UK Bribery Act, the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015, the German Criminal Code and other applicable laws. Our Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and Anti-Corruption Compliance Policy is administered by the General Counsel. All employees are required to both read the policy and undergo training for the policy during Digital Realty’s annual attestation period. Our annual attestation covers training on our Insider Trading Policy, our FCPA and Anti-Corruption Compliance Policy, and anti-money laundering compliance. In 2019, 100% of Digital Realty employees received this training. All members of our Board of Directors also receive these policies and procedures.

All employees are provided information on how to report questionable ethical behavior or violations of the Code. Information can be reported to their supervisor or senior management. They can also send communications anonymously via a confidential hotline. In 2019, we did not have any confirmed incidents of corruption.

We require that our suppliers and their employees, agents and subcontractors share the same high standards of ethics and integrity. Our Supplier Code of Conduct outlines core company principles and describes the requirements for our suppliers to establish and maintain a business relationship with Digital Realty, supporting a professional environment where all are treated with respect and dignity, and in an environment where their health and safety are protected.

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