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The Data Gravity Index DGx™ Report

The Data Gravity Index highlights:

  • The five macro trends amplifying Data Gravity for global enterprises
  • Data Gravity intensity and the gravitational force of enterprise data growth for 53 metros and 23 industries.
  • Global forecasts and industry-specific insights

What is Data Gravity?
In the way gravity attracts objects around a planet, Data Gravity is the process by which data accumulation attracts additional services and applications to the data.

How it Impacts Enterprises
Data Gravity inhibits enterprise workflow performance, raises security concerns, and increases costs, all complicated by regulatory requirements and other artificial constraints.

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Data Gravity Index Formula

A methodology to measure the creation, aggregation, and private exchange of enterprise data globally.

Macro Trends Amplifying Data Gravity

  • Enterprise Data Stewards icon

    Enterprise Data Stewardship

    The enterprise is fast becoming the world’s data steward

    By 2025, 80% of data worldwide will reside in enterprises

    Increases the volume of data that needs to be aggregated and stored1

  • 2 Mergers

    Mergers & Acquisitions

    Globalization is driving corporate M&A to achieve scale

    M&A Volumes are expected to return to pre-Covid levels in 2021

    Increases # of data sources participating in data exchange2

  • 3 Digital Enabled

    Digital-Enabled Interactions

    Increasing digitization of enterprise workflows

    Digitally-enabled interactions rank 2x greater importance vs physical interactions

    Increases enterprise data exchange volumes globally3

  • 4 Data Localization

    Data Localization

    Expanding legal and regulatory policies requiring local data storage

    By 2022, 87% of IT leaders will maintain local copies of customer and transaction data for compliance

    Increases # of enterprise locations of data aggregation4

  • 5 Cyber


    Integration of physical and digital security systems to improve enterprise cybersecurity

    By 2023, 70% of security products will integrate IT-OT-IOT systems

    Increases types and volumes of data creation & exchange5

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