2260 East El Segundo Boulevard

Located in one of the most business-friendly cities in Los Angeles County, Digital Realty’s El Segundo facility has the space, connectivity, and on-site services available to allow companies to easily implement agile IT deployments within the greater Los Angeles area and around the world. With the massive connectivity and cloud options available, the data center at 2260 E. El Segundo Boulevard can support your current requirements as well as future growth.

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Facility Specs

Building Structure
  • 2 stories
Utility Power Capacity
  • 18,000 kW
Total Building Size
  • 132,000 ft²
Flood Risk
  • Outside 100 year flood plain
Seismic Rating
  • Zone 1
UPS Power Capacity
  • 11,700 kW
UPS Redundancy
  • 2N or N+1
Max. Power Density
  • 250 watts/ft²
Generator Power Capacity
  • 19,500 Shared kW
Cooling Plant Redundancy
  • N+1
Roof Construction
  • Membrane and Reinforced Concrete Decking
Max. Floor Loading
  • Up to 125 ft²
Security Infrastructure
  • CCTV with 90 day backup, Biometric / Photo Badge Access
Compliance Certifications
  • SOC2
  • SOC3
  • ISO 27001
Sustainability Certifications
  • Energy Star Certified
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