What Our Customers are Saying

Our customers know they can rely on
Digital Realty for support and expertise.

“We chose Digital Realty because of its proven capabilities to engineer and operate highly advanced and secure data centers. The decision to house thousands and thousands of servers hosting our customers’ websites isn’t taken lightly. Uptime and availability of our customers’ sites is our #1 priority, and we have chosen a partner who shares this same mission.”

David Kim
Vice President, Data Center Services, GoDaddy

"We need a place like Digital Realty so that we can negotiate these networks quite literally in the fewest hops possible, but then also have our core infrastructure available really where the middle of the Internet is, not the end of the Internet."

Peyton McNully
Technology Director, HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology

“I can sleep at night. It’s secure and I don’t worry about it. If I ask them to do something, it is done. I don’t need to tell them how to do it. The people are ready and do what they need to do.”

Andrew Littrell
Senior Supervisor of Computer Operations, Navient

“We turned to Digital Realty to assist us in our international expansion efforts because their facilities gave us a way to rapidly deploy and get our data center operations live quickly. They understood the importance of having this data center operate to the highest standards, ensuring our customers get the same experience from every IBM Cloud data center globally.”

Francisco Romero
Chief Operating Officer, IBM Cloud

“We're driven by research and education and we certainly have been willing to put real resources behind it. Every real advancement we’ve made has always been through partnerships. In my first conversation with Digital Realty, they struck me the same way. We're a customer, but we're also a partner.”

Timothy Lance
President Emeritus and Chief Research Officer, NYSERNet

"Our confidence in Digital is extremely high. During Hurricane Harvey, they arranged to have fuel trucks on site. They arranged to have generator and other maintenance personnel on site to be able to handle the emergencies that may arise if the sites were isolated and running on generator for an extended period of time. They were able to handle staffing to make sure the site would be manned regardless of accessibility."

Joe Langston
Vice President of Operations, Fibertown

"Sentinel has worked with Digital to package individual secure rack units and services with our CloudSelect® IaaS services for turnkey customer hosting and IaaS solutions. This allows us to efficiently design and provide customers with hybrid solutions leveraging the cloud services we deliver while providing them co-located data center services and private cloud services in an easily consumable and on demand way."

Brian Osborne
Executive Vice President, Sentinel Technologies, Inc.

“I get a greenfield data center without the problems of facility, security and grounds keeping. I get a data center without building and managing it.”

Eric Moore
Director of IT, Northwestern Medicine

“It was a no brainer for us to continue with them and to expand the relationship when we went into other markets. For me it comes down to flexibility and a close working relationship with our vendor. It's not just about price, I want a partner that will deliver time and time again, and Digital Realty has done that for me on a number of occasions. Their portal is a great tool, very helpful and intuitive. It has really helped Transbeam to be more scalable and predictable.”

Brian Murray
Director of Network Engineering, Transbeam

“When we went looking for our next data center partner, our criteria were price, power, and the proximity to fiber for connectivity, since that’s the business we’re in. We also wanted a company with deep experience, sound methodology and lots of space. We had a lot of choices, but in the end, we thought, hey, Digital Realty has done this before, many times.”

Jack Beech
VP of Business Development, IBM Cloud

“We had an immediate need for a high efficiency, high density data center in Austin, Texas. But more importantly, we have a long-term need for a partner who can potentially help us with our go-forward data center strategy.”

John Goodrich
VP of Design Technology and Automation, ARM Holdings