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Carrier-Grade Reliability Without the Set Top Box

MOBITV distributes app-based pay TV; live, on-demand, streaming and recorded TV—across multiple devices. Their data center infrastructure is critical to service delivery. Their architecture strategy is based on securing the content and distributing it out to users. The platform is built to allow for growth at a lower cost by building a networking of relationships and connections to telco providers across the country. MOBITV offers ease of use for operators to get connected—even at the last mile—and distribute content, while eliminating set-top boxes which can be expensive for customers and for providers to maintain. Strategic, close proximity to connectivity hubs allows for low-latency content distribution.

"This Digital Realty data center location will give us the best proximity and accessibility to MVPDs and content providers on the East Coast, connecting to their circuits directly."

Casey Fann / VP Operations, MOBITV

Understanding MOBITV’s Data Center Network

The Atlanta pop location for MOBITV’s managed service connectivity is the redundant site for its Sacramento-based data center. The implementation of the site is the result of a joint effort by both MOBITV and Digital Realty, which have partnered for this project. MOBITV has access to the scalable space and price advantages available at 250 Williams in Atlanta, while using dark fiber to connect directly in Digital Realty’s Connected Campus network to 56 Marietta, Atlanta’s top connectivity hub. Direct access to content delivery networks and operator’s networks are critical to the deployment.

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[1] Source: MOBITV
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