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Press Release: BpsNode.com Expands National Footprint with Telx Data Centers

Blake Mitchell
March 24, 2015

Telx, a leading provider of global interconnectivity, data center solutions, and cloud enablement services, today announced that it has partnered with bpsNode.com—a premier provider of managed cloud Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS)—to join the Telx Cloud Xchange ecosystem in Telx’s MIA1 facility. BpsNode.com is also expanding its footprint within Telx facilities throughout North America starting with Dallas, TX in April 2015.

BpsNode.com is a boutique provider of enterprise managed cloud services for businesses of all sizes, primarily hosting enterprise resource planning (ERP), online collaboration, telecom related software platforms, and managed services supporting infrastructure and software applications. BpsNode.com currently houses its infrastructure in MIA1.

With these two deployments, bpsNode.com is able to ensure their users receive the best possible performance by leveraging Miami for its high density compute and storage infrastructure while also tethering to the peering and network hubs located in Dallas.

Chris Downie, CEO of Telx, said of the expansion, “Cloud providers like bpsNode.com add value to the Cloud Xchange by providing unique Infrastructure-as-a-Service and cloud solutions that enable customers to move and/or expand into the data center to achieve a higher level of availability and greater flexibility.”

For more information about BpsNode.com’s expansion into Telx’s Miami and Dallas data center facilities, please see the full press release here. For any additional questions, please contact us via our site’s Contact Us page, or by Facebook or Twitter.

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