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Just Released: VueTel Case Study [Video]

October 22, 2015  |  Written by Andrew Baird, Sr. Director of Marketing & Communications

A few months ago, Telx's own Anthony Rossabi (EVP of Sales, Marketing, and Strategy) sat down with VueTel Italia, an international telecommunications company, to talk growth, projections for the future of telecom, and everything in between.

Today, we’re pleased to bring the conversation full circle. Embedded above, you'll find a new video interview with VueTel, a Telx customer leveraging our location at 60 Hudson Street to interconnect with other carriers and customers.

In our conversation with Gilberto Di Pietro, Sales Manager, Data at VueTel Italia, we discuss everything from VueTel’s mission to VueTel’s strategic network exchange points, and of course how VueTel is leveraging its relationship with Telx to provide better service to its customers around the world.

With points of presence in London, Paris, New York, Frankfurt, and other strategic locations, it’s no wonder that VueTel is finding success with its voice and data services all over the globe. To learn more about VueTel and for more information on how VueTel delivers its services consistently to customers from Togo to London, see the video embedded above.

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