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Just Released: Video from All 4 Sessions at MarketplaceLIVE West 2014

December 2, 2014  |  Written by Jessica Smith, Sr. Marketing Manager, Events

Last week, we followed up our annual MarketplaceLIVE West conference with videos of our two fantastic keynotes by Eric Haseltine and Michael Hawley. In our post about the keynotes, we mentioned that we’d have more videos from MarketplaceLIVE West, and today, we’re pleased to report that we’ve edited and uploaded the rest of our video from the event!

In addition to the two keynotes we mentioned above, attendees of MarketplaceLIVE West 2014 also had the opportunity to sit in on 4 individual panel sessions covering a wide variety of topics. Those sessions compose what’s left of the video from our event, and you can see them below.

Session #1—The New Edge: Mobile, Video & Gaming (Oh My!)

Moderator: Michael Wolf, Chief Analyst, NextMarket Insights. Speakers: Anthony Rossabi, EVP-Sales & Marketing, Telx; Tom Daly, VP of Infrastructure, Fastly; Japheth Dillman, CCO, YetiZen; Baruch Herzfeld, Founder & President, Zeno Radio.

Today, we want access to content - no matter what or where it is - from all of our devices, on demand, anytime.  Regardless of whether you access content from your television, home computer, wireless laptop, smartphone or watch – the experience for users must be seamless and reliable.  The more we access data ‘on the go’, content providers must shift their network focus from the hub to the edge – ensuring a real-time, high-end experience for access to all kinds of information – no matter how many bits and bytes it may be.  What does this new edge look like? How are networks adjusting to meet the insatiable demand of today’s always online users for streaming information from nearly anywhere on any device?

Session 1 Mobile

Session #2—Solving Issues Larger Than Us

Moderator: Clifford A. Lynch, Executive Director, Coalition for Networked Information. Speakers: Chris Downie, CEO, Telx; Timothy L.Lance, President, Nysernet; Bill Woodcock, Founder & Research Director, Packet Clearing House.

Today’s technologies are stressed to innovate at a rapid pace in order to combat, or even understand better, global challenges created by human population increases.  The Research and Education community depends on strategic exchange points like Telx’s NYC3 as leverage to scale and assess these evolving issues.

These very issues drive innovation in technology.  In fact, New York State Education and Research Network (NYSERNet), a not-for-profit corporation created to foster science and education, is responsible for creating the first ISP.

But are we all working together optimally to solve for these issues or are we working in silos?

Session 2 Nysernet

Session #3—Cloud Wars & Coalitions

Moderator: Brett Azuma, Senior Vice President-Research, 451 Research. Speakers: Deepu Rathi, Senior Director, Business Development and WW Cloud GTM, Cisco; Bill Fathers, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Hybrid Cloud Services Business Unit, VMware; Luke Norris, Founder & CEO, PeakColo; Steve Knipple, CTO, EasyStreet; Ben Uretsky, Co-Founder & CEO, Digital Ocean

Today’s proliferation and hyper growth of cloud service providers has and should continue to benefit enterprises and end-users through better quality of services, broader choices and lower costs. Clear battle lines within the service provider market do exist however they are not as clear as they once were. One example seen is the growing number of cloud providers who have all but conceded public cloud services to the top few industry leaders by establishing partnerships and/or alliances that include direct connectivity options for their customers with work loads best suited for public clouds. Unfazed by what appears to be an insurmountable economies of scale advantages of industry leaders, some providers continue to compete based on value added services and the promise of the "one throat" approach. The maturing of open source platforms, interoperability standards and hybrid delivery models only add to the complexity of CIO/CTO’s decisions in what has become a web of cloud choices.

Session 3 Cloud Wars

Session #4—Startups—Strategies and Trends for 2015

Moderator: Adam Lesser, Cleantech Curator, Gigaom Research. Speakers: Andy Wilson, CEO/Co-founder, Rexter: Productivity in the "Connected" Age; Nick Chong, Head of Product Marketing, Zoom; Ray La Chance, President & CEO, ZenFi Networks, Inc.; Mark Dowds, EVP,

It’s the dawn of a new day and a very exciting time to be a startup business.  Everywhere, the advent of technology propels us into new ways of thinking, doing, believing and seeing, as our daily reliability on the Internet, networking and compute power takes us to places we have not yet realized.  Today’s technology entrepreneurs are at the forefront of this curve and are shaping the business practices and lifestyles of tomorrow.  This panel explores both the opportunities and challenges faced by startups as they chart their future, not only addressing their respective addressable markets, but attracting investments in their future success.  Are there strategies a startup can employ to give them a better chance of success?  What are the biggest obstacles to overcome when starting a new tech business? How can start-ups and established companies work together to create new technologies?

Session 4 StartUps

Readers who wish to view more videos from Telx and past events may do so by visiting our Vimeo page.

Thanks again to all of our speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees who made MarketplaceLIVE West 2014 a success. We couldn’t have done it without you! For any follow-up questions about these sessions or about MarketplaceLIVE, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via the contact page of our site, or by Facebook or Twitter.