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Introducing the MarketplacePORTAL Mobile App!

Josh Neuroth
October 21, 2015

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Telx’s MarketplacePORTAL mobile app! MarketplacePORTAL users can now manage Data Center Building Access and Portal Permissions on the go easily from their mobile device.

The Global Admin has the highest level of portal permissions and is able to set up Data Center Access and designate portal permissions for their team members. To learn more about the different admin levels, please see the below key.

Permission Levels Defined

Global Admin: The Global Administrator is the designated customer contact who manages all aspects of their operations with Telx, including managing who has physical access to the facility and who can place orders, disconnect services, request support, and view invoices. In addition, the Global Admin can designate Global Admin permissions or Facility Access Admin permissions to another user.

Facility Access Admin: The Facility Access Administrator has less control than the Global Admin and can only manage physical access to the facility. This permission type is for when a Global Admin wants to designate someone to help manage facility access.

Normal User: This is the default customer contact permission type. Their access to a facility must be set by a Global Admin or Facility Access Admin. Their portal permissions must be set up by a Global Admin.

Josh Neuroth

MarketplacePORTAL Product Manager

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