White Paper-Service Exchange

Boost performance & improve security without changing your IT architecture

Network performance can make or break your competitive advantage—though pulling together all the critical data center, network, and cloud elements into one environment, without amassing numerous vendors and contracts is still a major hurdle for most enterprises.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • Considerations for simplifying multi-cloud solutions
  • Advantages of one connection to multiple clouds
  • How to power more critical workloads and deliver faster results

On-Demand Connectivity

Secure, high-performance network connectivity can now be an on-demand utility much like the cloud-based resources you are likely consuming today.

In this White Paper, you’ll learn more about how Service Exchange can enable up to 55% better real-world performance using Hybrid Cloud vs. the public Internet.

Service Exchange eliminates the complexities common to hybrid multi-cloud deployments.

Service Exchange removes the weakest link, the public Internet, from the cloud connectivity equation. From their deployment with Digital Realty, enterprises can establish one secure physical connection on the Service Exchange platform and support multiple virtual private connections to multiple clouds in multiple regions, as well as to a variety of service providers and other data centers.

Service Exchange provides the flexibility to add connectivity, adjust capacity, or link to multiple Service Providers/Availability zones in minutes and without any headaches.

Get 55% Better Cloud Computing Performance Now!

To find out how Service Exchange can help you get up to 55% better cloud computing performance, download this white paper.

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