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2019 Sydney Digital Capitals Index

Sydney is ranked 14th among the world’s pre-eminent digital capitals

Sydney’s contribution is driven by the size, prosperity and digital infrastructure assets of the city. The scale of contribution is also influenced by the composition of the city’s business structure, the innovation of its companies and the appetite of its citizens for digital services.

Read the 2019 Sydney Digital Capitals Index to plan ahead and ensure that corporate assets are being leveraged to future-proof your organization.

About the Report
In the 2019 Sydney Digital Capitals Index, gain a data-driven deep dive into:

  • Main drivers of Sydney's status as a top digital city
  • Value to the Australia economy, now and in the future
  • Recommendations and opportunities to use this momentum to a business’s advantage

If businesses want to benefit from, and even help increase, the A$30 billion p.a. that AI, IoT, Blockchain and 5G are predicted to contribute to the Sydney economy by 2029, they need to start taking action today. The economies of digital capitals around the world will only continue to grow, albeit at different speeds depending on a number of factors such as economic and government stability.

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