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Retail Industry Realizing Game Changing Benefits of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is here and affecting every business in every corner of the globe. A recent 451 Research report revealed that more than 30% of organisations are still planning their digital transformation strategy and that they need to begin executing this strategy or risk being surpassed by competitors who are. See how top retailers are leading the pack with DX strategy.

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Retailers Face Multi-faceted Opportunity

Optimising logistics for efficiency is critical to remaining competitive for retail companies. Moving physical goods from one place to another and into the hands of the consumer requires a sophisticated approach. For retailers, the shift to powering highly tuned customer experiences will set leaders apart from the rest.

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Data is Driving Customer Experience

An ever demanding and evolving demographic of customers expect a frictionless, always-on and consistent user experience regardless of where they are in the buying cycle or what channel they are engaging in–physically in store, on-line or on app. Data enables more targeted, personalised, immersive and relevant goods, services and experiences. The huge growth in the generation of data enables retailers to have a deep and clear insight into their customer’s behaviours.

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Legacy IT Systems Aren’t Up to the Task

Legacy infrastructure designed to support a brick and mortar business model doesn’t scale in a digital world. Architect your network to harness the data you need to differentiate.

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