Ibm Cloud Casestudy
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IBM Cloud

Lowering Latency to Under 1.5 Milliseconds with Direct Link Colo



  • Expand the global footprint of the IBM Hybrid Cloud offering
  • Offer a wider range of hybrid cloud scenarios
  • Decrease latency and speed up throughput by collocating servers and application hosting
  • Lower power costs and eliminate need for expensive PoP deployments
  • Deploy and scale faster
  • Guarantee private cloud security and platform uptime

Key Results

By choosing to partner with Digital Realty, IBM Cloud is able to offer its customers:

  • Direct Connect, no public internet or private networks required
  • No 3rd-party electronics
  • Higher network performance, consistency, and predictability
  • Streamlined and accelerated workload and data migration
  • Improved data and operational security
  • 1 GigE or 10 GigE speed
  • Diverse and redundant deployment
  • State-of-the-art, pay-as-you-go connectivity through Service Exchange
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Proximity to our customers is crucial to driving innovation and improving a better end user experience. We turned to Digital Realty to assist us in our international expansion efforts because their facilities gave us a way to rapidly deploy and get our data center operations live quickly.

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