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Interconnected Communities

Be pervasive. Be connected. Be in control.

An interconnected community is a vital part of a businesses strategy and its role is expanding.

This new digital world we live in is reshaping the way companies across the world operate and the transformations these new technologies bring will be pervasive. Underpinning it all is a growing digital platform of interconnected communities that ensures data is powering businesses to succeed.

Those thriving in today's age are the ones who create the most competitive digital ecosystem.

Digital transformation and the quest to innovate is being fuelled by customer demand. In a digital economy, people want access to services 24/7, they want to be connected to services across the globe and they want to be in control.

IT leaders want to exploit emerging trends such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to uncover valuable insights from data. They want to manage their data in the most cost-effective way, making use of digital infrastructure and harnessing interconnection capabilities.

Interconnected communities are at the heart of establishing a successful digital business, delivering new ways to connect customers and partners, and to bring fresh insights through the richness of data.

Enabling Digital Innovation through Interconnected Communities and Colocation

Rick Moore, senior director of cloud services at Digital Realty explains how to build an IT infrastructure that enables innovation in a digital business. He examines the role of colocation in creating new IT and business opportunities for organizations.

Interconnected Communities Powering your Digital Ambitions

When it comes to choosing the right digital platform of interconnected communities for your business, it is essential that you can:

Be Pervasive

  • Distribute your critical digital infrastructure across the globe to meet local need
  • Enter and access new markets quickly
  • Minimise over-provisioning by flexibly adding digital capabilities locally - cost effectively optimize your infrastructure

Be Connected

  • Increase the speed and agility of your connectivity
  • Add and scale your digital capabilities through interconnection
  • Establish a competitive ecosystem of partners, providers and markets

Be in Control

  • Be confident your distributed digital infrastructure is resilient and secure
  • Reduce risk by meeting global security and compliance mandates
  • Keep it simple – standardize deployment and operations with a single global data centre platform

Digital Realty’s Trusted Foundation: Why Customers Choose our Interconnected Communities

  • Global Coverage

    Customers can reach markets across:

    – 5 continents
    – 14 countries
    – 35+ metros
    – 210+ data centres

  • Interconnected Ecosystems

    Customers can directly access:

    – 1600+ networks
    – 250+ cloud and IT providers
    – 2300+ enterprises

  • Always On

    – An industry-leading track record of 12 years of 99.999 uptime
    – 24/7 on-site technical support

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    Digital Docklands Campus 2

    Digital Docklands

    When you’re searching for the right data infrastructure, it’s important to consider the advantages of the right interconnected community to help drive your digital ambitions.

    Digital Docklands is our collection of highly connected colocation facilities in London which are home to a diverse range of pioneering organizations from start-ups to global entities.

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    Financial Services

    The Secure Digital Future for Financial Services Companies Globally

    Developments in digital technology have led to Financial Services organizations creating solutions that utilise insight and data to improve customer experience and competitive advantage across their offerings. Those thriving in today's age are the ones who create the most competitive digital ecosystem, one that spans the major financial hubs across the globe.

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    Transport module

    Data holds the key to revolutionising the transport and logistics sector

    The transportation and logistics sector is a vast generator of data. Analysis and decision-making based on this data provides the potential to achieve significant efficiencies and save time and costs for drivers, passengers, freight haulers and those depending on the timely arrival of goods.

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