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Harness the power of interconnected clouds and low-latency environments directly connected to global networks and ecosystems. Digital Realty offers compliant and reliable data centers in all the major financial hubs across the globe, including New York, London and Singapore.

Our secure, compliant data centers ensure you have the right controls, processes and procedures in place to meet the full range of market and regulatory requirements. Deploying to our high-performance IT environments improves your flexibility, agility and network speed, enabling you to retrieve, share and process your data faster and easier.

Why Financial Services Companies Choose Digital Realty

An industry leading record of reliability and uptime: 11 years of five nines (99.999%)

Agile provider delivering private cloud compute and storage capabilities on a large scale in key markets through Connected Campuses

High-density data centers to support your high-value performance-sensitive applications

Wide array of options for secure, private connectivity to high-performance networks across an interconnected ecosystem


Security and Compliance

Secure, SOC 2, SOC 3 and PCI compliant (NJR2 and NJR3) colocation infrastructure in prime locations, enabling ultra-low latency access to an ecosystem of market participants, including trading venues, market data providers, buy side and sell side firms, as well as cloud, managed service and network service providers.

Resilience and Reliability

Digital Realty offers industry-leading 99.999% (five nines) uptime SLAs and ensures financial companies that they have an always-available and constantly accessible, secure computing environment.

Ensure network availability and performance with proximity to carrier hotels and inter-site connectivity.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Strengthen and maintain business and operational continuity.

Depend on a provider with industry-leading financial resiliency to deliver redundant data center sites and recovery capabilities faster and more efficiently than any other provider.

Ensure the resiliency of your markets with data centers strategically located and purpose-built for disaster recovery and access.

Interconnected Global Ecosystem

Leverage integrated global platform necessary to buy and sell services, while offering you tools to interact with potential business partners and market products to grow your customer base.

We deliver the future of financial market exchanges worldwide while providing you with a secure, yet easily accessible IT environment to build your financial trading infrastructure.

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Case Study

Delivered one business interface for ease of doing business, a global, carrier-neutral colocation solution

Provided high-speed 100 GB private lines to handle multiple services to and from key locations

SD-WAN connectivity options

Eliminated “single point of failure” network architecture

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