Increase the Value of Your Cloud

Your customers and employees face a substantial increase in digital demands. With an optimized data center for cloud industries, you'll move closer to the edge and deliver an improved, consistent customer experience in 32+ key markets across the globe.

Harness the Power of a Global Provider

  • Quality and Performance

    Take advantage of our record of 11 Years of five nines (99.999%) and ensure the resiliency of your networks and markets.

  • Significant Global Footprint

    Land and expand with the most agile data center for cloud industries to meet a variety of business requirements.

  • Flexibility and Scalability

    Scale up or down the stack from colo to scale, or scale to colo, or as needed.

  • Global Ecosystem

    Create new business opportunities by connecting to thousands of top-tier communications networks, enterprise customers and technology partners from around the globe.

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    Cloud connections

    Benefits to CSPs

    • Limitless growth potential for computing resources
    • Fit Compute, Aggregation, and Network nodes under the same roof through our Connected Campus
    • Unlock enterprise hybrid revenue opportunities via colocation bundles with cloud services (Colocation Resale)
    • Dedicated private connectivity offerings for cloud providers enabled directly from compute and storage nodes via Service Exchange
    Cloud Module 2 enterprise

    Benefits for Enterprises

    • Access to extensive cloud ecosystem for multi-cloud environments
    • Harness the power of space and power while achieving low latency in close proximity to compute and storage nodes on our Connected Campus
    • Internet Hubs support network-dense requirements while Scale supports large IT workloads, tethered together
    • Dynamically allocate resources in a hybrid environment (“buy the base and rent the peaks”) via Service Exchange
    Cloud and Devices

    Benefits for NSPs

    • Enabling connectivity to aggregated endpoints (i.e., MSO / Mobile)
    • Tethered connectivity from network-dense carrier hotels directly to large scale deployments on our Connected Campus
    • Expand addressable markets with optimized connectivity to cloud services
    • Enable creative value-added solutions quickly and effectively (i.e., Disaster Recovery for Enterprises)

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    Case Study

    • Case Study Highlights

      • Automated network provisioning reduces manual efforts and accelerates speed to market for enterprises to begin adopting and consuming cloud services
      • Aggregating traffic from multiple customers over a single connection allows them to scale more efficiently
      • Provision of additional services to existing and new end customers
      Emil Headshot

      We view Digital Realty as a global platform with locations all around the world that we can leverage in our growth. Our clients have very specific requirements to comply with various regulations and we can always depend on Digital Realty to help us meet and exceed those.

      Emil Sayegh, CEO and President, Hostway
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