An evolving high growth market.

Distinct advantages 
Digital Realty offers

Digital Realty is one of the more powerful providers of colocation and related services for cloud service providers with solutions addressing the growing demands of this segment. 

  • Quality and Performance: Digital Realty offers a robust, high performing, always available and scalable colocation and interconnectivity environment to help cloud and IT providers confidently deliver high-quality, reliable services to their customers. With 99.999% (five nines) uptime and on-time SLAs, Digital Realty provides Cloud and IT businesses with the assurance that they can deliver upon the quality their customers expect. 
  • Significant Global Footprint: Digital Realty offers cloud providers an environment in which they can expand geographically and provide the proximity needed for latency sensitive applications. At Digital Realty, our experience and relationships allow us to deliver data centers in the shortest time possible to fit your needs, and the needs of your customers.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: Customizable and flexible configurations enable cloud and IT providers to meet their unique and modern needs, while Digital Realty also provides an environment for them to cost-effectively grow and scale alongside demand and future growth requirements. 
  • Ecosystem: Digital Realty connects cloud-related businesses to thousands of top-tier communications networks, enterprise customers and technology partners from around the globe. Through Digital Realty’s cloud ecosystem, cloud providers can identify and create new business relationships that generate revenue-growing opportunities. This growing ecosystem of premium cloud solutions from a strategic and diverse set of cloud service provider partners, makes it easy for businesses to choose from a variety of cloud options and providers to address their evolving IT needs.

Business is all about having the right options.

Whether a business is seeking to quickly develop and test new applications, minimize IT investments, optimize resources, speed up innovation and time to market or enhance IT efficiency, Digital Realty’s robust cloud enablement ecosystem provides an environment to achieve all relevant goals.

We offer a broad set of infrastructure options depending on your current and future needs including public cloud, private cloud, managed services and hosting as well as delivering integrated hybrid cloud/colocation and multi-cloud (leveraging 2 or more cloud providers) options based on a wide set of industry specific and business requirements. Digital Realty provides direct connectivity options to large hyper scale Public Cloud Providers including AWS, Google Cloud Compute (GCE) and IBM Cloud.

Benefits to Cloud Service Providers

  • Global footprint – closer to the edge to service customers
  • Secure, compliant and always-available environment backed by 99.999% (five nines) uptime SLA and 100% on time service delivery
  • Ability to support the growing demand of enterprises for multi-cloud service options
  • Access to a diverse ecosystem of enterprise customers to market your services to potential customers
  • Opportunities for joint marketing with Digital Realty

Benefits to Enterprise IT

  • Broad set of data center and cloud service options that best fit business and application requirements
  • Solutions that align with critical decision factors including cost, flexibility, control, security and overall system performance
  • Direct and high performance connectivity to cloud service providers within Digital Realty data centers supporting the highest levels of latency sensitive applications
  • Integrated hybrid connectivity options for customers choosing to leverage multiple cloud provider platforms and/or colocation services
  • 24/7 on-site security and customer support to ensure customers have a high reliable environment to conduct their business
  • Solutions that future proof enterprise organizations to ensure the right infrastructure options are available to meet the changing needs.


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