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The top four data-led technologies – AI, IoT, Blockchain, and 5G – are currently adding $169 billion to the global economy. Estimates for 2029 are $721 billion. Hover over the global digital cities to see how each is contributing as a hub and to download the reports.


A key task of the study was to gather and analyze information that enabled the ranking of 60 leading world cities as locations for digital knowledge creation and commercial activity. The shortlisting of 60 digital hubs – known as digital capitals – was established through interrogation of business, economic, demographic and labor market datasets.

To establish and rank scores for each city, data was assembled and assessed across 10 families of indicators. The data covered: the size and structure of the city economy; the extent of consumer demand for data; the availability and quality of higher education teaching and research & development (R&D) capabilities; the capacity and reliability of data infrastructure; the availability of human capital resources, including advanced digital skills and entrepreneurship; the quality of city-level infrastructure and governance; an assessment of health, education, environment and other quality of life factors; and the quality and reliability of the environment for data sharing and doing business.

Contributions of the 4 Technologies

Apart from the digital capital rankings, the second main objective of this report is to provide estimates of the current contributions of 4 key, growing digital technologies (AI, IoT, 5G and Blockchain) to the 60 cities, and also to predict how those contributions are likely to change over the next 10 years. The assessment focuses on the value of the current contribution (i.e. that estimated to be occurring in 2019), as well as predictions for two future years: 2024 and 2029.

It is clear that cities and businesses should incubate and invest in technology talent to ensure they continue to have the skills to operate, deliver and capitalize on innovative technologies.
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