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Future-Proof Your IT Strategy

The flexibility and control to plan for 6 months — or 6 years

Meet the Demands Digital Transformation will place on You: We’re solidly in an age of digital disruption where time and speed are of the essence to your business and your customers. Will your enterprise survive or die?

Transformation as we know it was supposed to make our IT infrastructure more cost effective and drive better performance. Unfortunately, technological disruption further highlights the weaknesses in traditional IT networks and business models and makes it almost impossible for you to meet your objectives.

Now you can support the next-generation cloud and enterprise IT infrastructure required for high-performance computing by deploying to our purpose-built, high-density data centers. More importantly, you can future-proof your IT strategy by enjoying agility, flexibility and security.

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Improve Customer Experience by Expanding Your Reach

Support improved access for consumers and your workforce, along with greater mobility from anywhere. Leverage the power of proximity within our data centers by moving closer to the clouds and networks that power your business across an unparalleled global footprint spanning 33 metro areas.

Access all the critical data center, network and cloud elements within our Connected Campus, a single, secure environment and harness the ability to connect to multiple clouds in multiple regions from a single platform to establish and broaden the reach of your high-performance networks and extend your digital capabilities within seconds and at lower costs.

Reduce Cost and Complexity of Hybrid Clouds

Deploy mission-critical applications to secure, low-latency high-throughput environments enabling development of high-performance networks faster. Harness the power of interconnection to connect with the networks, partners, and clouds that drive your business, with adjacent colocation for hybrid-cloud deployments.

Plan more easily for growth requirements by utilizing solutions offering flexibility and visibility into future needs, including the ability to scale infrastructure without limits, from one cab to multi-megawatt and deploy in close proximity to multiple clouds.

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Reap Greater Business Benefits

Drive improved decision making. Process your data flow, gain insights and react faster and more effectively than you could without utilizing our digitally-driven high-performance environment.

Optimize your data center footprint and reduce costs by utilizing virtualization technologies, such as SDN, through the Digital Realty Service Exchange, to ultimately do more in the same space.

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