111 8th Avenue

Uniquely positioned on top of the Hudson Street/Ninth Avenue fiber highway, 111 Eighth Avenue is a premier North American data center. With 109,600 square feet spanning multiple floors, the facility has become a central hub for hundreds of leading carriers, both domestic and international, and provides physical connection points for global telecommunications networks and Internet backbones.

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Facility Specs

Building Structure
  • 15 stories
Utility Power Capacity
  • 18,500 kW
Total Building Size
  • 109,600 ft²
Flood Risk
  • Outside 100 year flood plain
Seismic Rating
  • Zone 2A
UPS Power Capacity
  • 84,000 kW
UPS Redundancy
  • N+1
Max. Power Density
  • Can support high density deployments
DC Power
  • Available
Generator Power Capacity
  • 112,000 kW
Cooling Plant Redundancy
  • N+15%
Roof Construction
  • EPDM insulated metal deck to FM 1-90 standards
Max. Floor Loading
  • 125 lb/sf live load in datacenter
Security Infrastructure
  • Biometric / Card Access
  • CCTV
Compliance Certifications
  • SOC 2
  • SOC 3
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