56 Marietta Street

The Southeast’s largest concentration of telecommunications companies can be found at Digital Realty’s 56 Marietta Street data center in downtown Atlanta. Digital Realty is the interconnection area operator for the building, which is a major interconnection point that provides businesses with network neutral access to hundreds of carriers. As with all our installations, the building complies with or exceeds International Telecommunication Union (ITU) industry standards.

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Facility Specs

Building Structure
  • 10 stories
Utility Power Capacity
  • 9,500 kW
Total Building Size
  • 153,000 ft²
Flood Risk
  • 200m above sea level
Seismic Rating
  • designed to withstand a Level 3 earthquake
UPS Power Capacity
  • 7,600 kW
UPS Redundancy
  • N+1
Generator Power Capacity
  • 8,500 kW
Cooling Plant Redundancy
  • N+1 DSE
Roof Construction
  • Membrane and Reinforced Concrete Decking
Max. Floor Loading
  • 208 ft²
Security Infrastructure
  • CCTV with 90 day backup
  • Biometric / Photo Badge Access
Compliance Certifications
  • SOC2
  • SOC3
  • ISO 27001
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