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Complexities of hybrid cloud deployment are causing IT strategies to fail

Companies are facing increasing demands for speed, agility and scalability to quickly access, share, transfer, and analyze massive amounts of data. The majority are looking to a hybrid cloud strategy as a way to efficiently manage their enterprise workloads and optimize cost, security and latency. Many researchers believe that 51% of installed workloads being deployed now reside in a cloud data center.*

While managing data is beneficial, greater value may only be derived if you are able to extract insights to improve user interfaces and make time-critical business decisions. Doing so adds to the existing complexities of hybrid cloud deployments.

Hybrid Cloud Made Simple

The Connected Campus delivers all the critical data center, network and cloud connectivity elements together under a single, secured environment.

Our comprehensive solution is designed to collectively meet your current and future, high performance storage and computing requirements, so as your business grows, you may flexibly scale your business from a single cabinet to a multi-megawatt deployment of any size without ever compromising on support.

* 20 Questions for CIOs on Hybrid Clouds, 2016

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Three Critical Components of a Future-Proof IT Strategy

Harness the power of connectivity, scalability
and an unparalleled global footprint.

That means that businesses of all size can harness the value of our: Nine-plus-year reliability record of 99.999% (five nines) uptime, extensive inventory reserves for large scale deployments of any size, extensive colocation footprints available to meet specific connectivity needs when and where you need them, seamless migration to hybrid cloud environments, as well as a ubiquitous customer experience bolstered by significant data center expertise and unparalleled, global data center footprint.

The Connected Campus

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What is a Connected Campus?

The Connected Campus is our new unique solution bringing all the critical data center and network elements together under a single, secure environment, offering a combination of:

  • Colocation and large scale facilities tethered to market Internet gateways, in close proximity to clouds and networks
  • Seamless interconnectivity to our growing ecosystem of partners, customers and service providers,
  • Scalability in space, power and bandwidth to meet your current business requirements and support future growth based on specific incremental needs.


Future-proof your IT Strategy and scale your business as needed without ever compromising support.

Network Provider

Expand addressable markets with secure, optimized connectivity to cloud services.

Cloud Service Provider

Scale your solutions on a global basis. Land and expand with limitless growth potential for computing resources.


Gain access to a growing ecosystem of providers for developing the one right solution for customers.

What are the benefits of the Connected Campus?

As your trusted service provider and partner, we help to reduce risk at every phase of your IT journey, by removing the complexity of hybrid cloud adoption and challenges in scalability through our partnerships with best-in-class integrators and aggregators within one environment.

The Connected Campus enables you to focus on innovation and what truly makes you competitive by removing Internet bottlenecks through optimal private networking connectivity and improving work efficiency by getting you closer to the cloud resources that support your business.