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IP Bandwidth

Reliable, Scalable Connectivity

Make the most of your high-value applications with dedicated connectivity. Consistency, maximum speed, throughput and reliability you can count on.

IP Bandwidth combines our blended bandwidth upstream connectivity with routing to provide a fast, resilient, dedicated Internet connection.

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  • Increase the reliability of your network connectivity by leveraging multiple tier 1 network over a single platform
  • Scale your connectivity when you need it
  • Supplement your carrier connectivity by leveraging a one-stop-shop solution
  • Reduce capital expenditures by leveraging internet connectivity to multiple providers through a single port


  • Blended approach ensures optimal traffic routing while mitigating network congestion
  • Access to local peering environments for improved latency and performance
  • Flexible IP Address Assignments
  • Streamline your vendor management by capturing the benefits of colocation and network in a single contract
  • Increase the reliability of your IP services by leveraging multiple independent national backbones and a multi-homed product option
  • Monitor your services in real-time on Digital Realty’s industry-leading Marketplace Portal


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