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Digital Realty Internet Exchange (DRIX) brings together Network, Cloud and Content providers on a single platform to reduce operational costs, improve network performance, and add another layer of network resilience; all over a single world-class exchange platform.

It’s a neutral, privately-owned Internet Exchange, providing a high-performance Internet peering platform that allows Carriers, Internet Service Providers, Content Providers, Gaming Providers and Enterprises to quickly and easily exchange IP traffic.

  • Scale quickly by provisioning up to 100G ports for high traffic applications
  • Leverage our ecosystem to achieve multiple peering routes from a single location
  • Scale and manage all your connections in one place


  • Simplify connectivity with access to multiple peers over one physical port
  • Reduce costs by bypassing IP transit providers for a low, flat monthly fee
  • Complement IX functionality with private peering through Cross Connects from the same carrier-dense facilities
  • Improve performance by connecting locally to your traffic destinations
  • Utilize DRIX functionality such as access to route server, public VLAN, and customer portal to simplify your peering configuration, access to peering members and your overall IX management
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For a list of available participants, please visit: https://ix.digitalrealty.com/

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