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Low Latency Colocation

IBM Cloud Direct Link Dedicated Hosting

Choosing to collocate at Digital Realty’s supported data center campuses puts you right next door to IBM Cloud platforms, enabling the fastest simplest and most secure connection with IBM Direct Link Dedicated Hosting.

IBM Direct Link Dedicated Hosting solution, offered jointly by IBM Cloud and Digital Realty, establishes redundant, high-speed private connections to customer-owned network equipment, storage and compute infrastructure.

Key Advantages

  • Simple

    Move data to and from your on premise data center across 1Gbps or 10Gbps network connections.

  • Secure

    Protect your sensitive, business-critical data by controlling every hop of its network path.

  • Supported

    Experience world class support for data center deployments back by Digital Realty datacenter expertise.

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    At a Glance

    When on-demand cloud data center and hosting services provider, IBM Cloud , needed to expand its global data center footprint to meet burgeoning demand for its Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering, it needed the right data center partner to achieve the best available combination of power, space, and price.

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    • Ashburn
    • Dallas
    • Hong Kong
    • London
    • Melbourne
    • Santa Clara
    • Singapore
    • Toronto

    Innovations in connectivity

    Direct access to IBM Cloud is now available through the Digital Realty Service Exchange and IBM Cloud Direct Link via more than 70 Digital Realty data centers in Amsterdam, Ashburn, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Miami, Phoenix, Portland, New York, Santa Clara, Seattle, Singapore, Sydney and Toronto.

    The Digital Realty Service Exchange provides private, secure, high-throughput and low-latency access over a single interface to IBM Cloud as well as other service providers, overcoming some of the limitations of the public Internet and helping to eliminate network congestion and enable critical workloads that may not have been previously feasible such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain technology. Service Exchange enables users to manage physical and virtual connections through a single port and gives them the visibility and reporting capabilities they need to address their connectivity requirements more quickly and efficiently.

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