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Google Cloud Interconnect

Google Cloud Platform

Now you can connect your IT infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in multiple markets across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Digital Realty offers virtual access to Google Cloud’s Partner Interconnect service to support high-performance, secure and flexible connections between your network assets and GCP. Customers with the highest levels of security & performance requirements can choose direct access to Google Cloud’s Dedicated Interconnect offering in all 4 regions to meet their connectivity needs.

By connecting privately to GCP you can:

  • Build, test and deploy applications on Google’s highly-scalable and reliable infrastructure
  • Realize cost savings on outbound traffic between your Google VPC and premise-based resources
  • Utilize API integration between your infrastructure and GCP for simplified management of services
  • Minimize routing complexity and network congestion
  • Manage several connections to powerful GCP services like Bigtable and Cloud Spanner from a single location

When customers take advantage of dedicated connectivity to GCP inside a Digital Realty data center, they will participate in the fastest-growing global services ecosystem in the industry. We offer tailored hybrid cloud solutions to help optimize application performance, security and control with the flexibility to scale bandwidth and services based on specific business objectives.

For more information, visit Google's resource pages to learn more about Google Cloud Platform and Google Cloud Interconnect.


North America

  • Atlanta (Direct, Virtual)
  • Boston (Virtual)
  • Chicago (Virtual)
  • Dallas (Virtual)
  • Houston (Virtual)
  • Los Angeles (Direct, Virtual)
  • Miami (Virtual)
  • New York (Direct, Virtual)
  • Northern Virginia (Virtual)
  • Phoenix (Virtual)
  • Portland (Virtual)
  • San Francisco (Virtual)
  • Silicon Valley (Virtual)
  • Toronto (Virtual)

South America

  • Fortaleza (Virtual)
  • Rio de Janeiro (Virtual)
  • Sao Paulo (Direct, Virtual)
  • Santiago (Virtual)


  • Amsterdam (Virtual)
  • Brussels (Virtual)
  • Copenhagen (Direct, Virtual)
  • Dublin (Virtual)
  • Dusseldorf (Direct, Virtual)
  • Frankfurt (Direct, Virtual)
  • London (Virtual)
  • Madrid (Direct, Virtual)
  • Marseille (Direct, Virtual)
  • Paris (Direct, Virtual)
  • Stockholm (Direct, Virtual)
  • Vienna (Direct, Virtual)
  • Zurich (Direct, Virtual)


  • Hong Kong (Virtual)
  • Osaka (Virtual)
  • Singapore (Virtual)

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