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How Data Center Strategy Impacts Customer Experience

March 21, 2019

Setting up a comprehensive, strategic and reliable data center environment can empower your business. Through digital transformation, your organization can become more agile and efficient by streamlining technologies and processes. So how does this impact your customers?

Beyond the technical, operational and financial benefits of streamlining infrastructure—and maybe just as importantly—your data center strategy sets the foundation for delivering outstanding experience for your end users… who ultimately are at the heart of your business.

In today’s rapidly changing data environments fueled by the massive creation, processing, interpretation and delivery of data, agility and flexibility are critical for long-term success. It can be hard to predict how much your business demands will grow in the next 2 or 5 or 10 years, so building out an environment that allows your business to scale without re-architecting deployments is important.

While a large portion of companies acknowledge the criticality of digital transformation in order to survive and beat out competitors, only 3% have implemented enterprise-wide digital transformation according to a study conducted by SAP. They also shared that 70% of the leading 100 companies indicate that they’re seeing significant or transformational value from digital transformation value in customer satisfaction surveys.

Whether your organization’s main goals are to achieve productivity and operational targets, or to drive more innovation, digital transformation strategies can drive significant ROI. In a survey conducted by Altimeter, the biggest digital transformation priority for companies is customer experience. Modernizing customer experience touchpoints is a priority for 54% of companies surveyed, and while digital transformation is a long-game strategy, there’s many ways to approach. Nearly half of companies are prioritizing their digital transformation investments starting with their IT infrastructure.

Learn more about how customer experience has impacted the modernization of IT infrastructure including the evolution of data centers.

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