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5 Great Quotes for CIOs about Leadership, Data Centers, and the Cloud

Anthony Rossabi
February 13, 2015

The Twitterverse is ripe with information on nearly everything you could imagine. Insights and advice for CIOs are no exception. A quick search of the hashtag #CIO pulls up thousands of results—and that’s just from the last 48 hours.

Of course, determining which of these insights and pieces of advice are worthwhile is another thing entirely. For a post that’s a little different than you normally see on the Telx blog, we thought we’d gather up a few quotes for CIOs and other IT professionals about leadership, data centers, and the cloud.

Take a look below for 5 of our favorites:

  1. Enterprises shouldn’t have to choose colocation or cloud: it is about making sure that colocation and cloud services coexist so that IT can evolve. Lilac Schoenbeck, Continuity Central.
  2. When conceiving big projects, CIOs often talk about finding the "pain points" in a process and fixing them. That's IT Management 101. But it seems CIOs haven't identified all of the pain points in the interaction between IT and the rest of the company... Business leaders want the CIO to simplify technology; it's the most important thing CIOs can do to improve relations. Kim Nash, CIO.com.
  3. While it is not my intention to insult some of our readers, I need for this core idea to take root–if you’re not willing to establish a basic cybersecurity foundation to counter the most common and predictable threats facing you, no expenditure on technology, process change, organizational change, or outsourcing will solve the more complex and challenging cybersecurity threats that are arising today. Earl Perkins, Gartner.
  4. CIOs can no longer afford to sit around simply absorbing the change that filters through their organizations. Instead, CIOs themselves should work to drive change at all levels of the business. How to do it? Understand the steps needed to create change in the first place; factor corporate culture into your plans; pace yourself; and fight to deliver tangible business outcomes. The Wall Street Journal CIO Network.
  5. The real benefits of the cloud are slightly different than we originally predicted; they are less about pure cost efficiency, and more about speeding up time to market (aka agility). Every CIO and IT decision maker should be thinking about how they can use cloud and hosting to accelerate time to market, which means turning IT from a cost center into a revenue center. Toby Owen, Peer 1 Hosting.

Seen anything particularly insightful on Twitter recently? Reach out to us at @Telx_Group and let us know—we’re always looking for great information to share with our readers.

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