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Maximising Transport and Logistics Sector Productivity

Interconnected Communities - Data holds the key to revolutionizing the transport and logistics sector

Data holds the key to revolutionising the transport and logistics sector

The transportation and logistics sector is a vast generator of data. Analysis and decision-making based on this data provides the potential to achieve significant efficiencies and save time and costs for drivers, passengers, freight hauliers and those depending on the timely arrival of goods.

In the next decade, wireless connectivity will move from activities limited to mobile phone and smart device usage, to transforming how we get around. A new survey commissioned by Digital Realty has revealed the extent to which the transport and logistics industry is investing in their infrastructure to support the continued growth of data connectivity within this sector.

The ongoing transformation of this industry to move people and goods is being driven by the free flow of data, with the road ahead promising more automation and further efficiencies through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

This shift is driving the industry to the forefront of innovation.

Developments in digital technology have led to Financial Services organisations creating solutions that utilise insight and data to improve customer experience and competitive advantage across their offerings. Those thriving in today’s age are the ones who create the most competitive digital ecosystem, one that spans the major financial hubs across the globe.

Future models of efficiency depend on data

In all modes of transport and logistics, there are already large quantities of data available for operators to improve performance, efficiency, service provision, safety and security. This data is only expected to grow exponentially.

Data also enables operators to manage demand conflicts, customer service, environmental impacts and innovation. This can be seen in systems such as traffic signal co-ordination, trains reporting track defects, on-line flight check-ins and cargo tracking.

The huge amounts of transport-related data are gathered by information-sensing mobile devices, remote sensing, software logs, cameras, microphones and wireless sensor networks. Global technological information per-capita capacity has approximately doubled every 40 months since the 1980s. Some predictions show that transportation data production will be 44 times greater in 2020 than it was in 2009.

For further information please view our press release 'Transport & logistics industry leaders turn to cutting-edge tech to support rapid industry growth'.

The benefits of data

• Anticipating demand

• Optimisation of the routing of goods

• Maximise overall productivity

• Flexible route and capacity planning
- Optimisation – data has ‘remoulded’ the transport and logistics industry
- Predictive analysis and capacity planning
- Dynamic route planning
- Live updated (e.g. route congestion, weather, work orders, etc.)

Digital Realty's trusted foundation

Our trusted foundation enables our customers to rapidly respond to market conditions and new technology trends such as AI and Internet of Things (IoT) which is becoming a driving force of intelligence for many competitive organisations.

As a result, our next-generation data centres form an integral part of transport and logistics organisations strategy and ensure that the right controls, processes and procedures are in place to meet the full range of market and regulatory demands.

An environment for digital transformation

Utilise our data centre environment to optimise IT strategy, whilst at the same time gaining access to a multitude of services, such as edge, big data and AI.

Digital Realty will provide a highly-secure, flexible environment to optimise the access and exchange of data, meet compliance and regulatory demands, wherever and whenever it is needed.

Resilience and reliability

We deliver redundant data centre sites and recovery capabilities faster and more efficiently than any other provider. With an industry-leading 12 years of 99.999% (five nines) availability, we ensure our customers have an always available and constantly accessible, secure computing environment.

Find out how Digital Realty can help you gain your competitive advantage.

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