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Turn-Key Flex®, Turn-Key Datacenters® and Pod Architecture®

Digital Realty’s Turn-Key Flex® data center suites provide your company with a secure and dedicated data center room with dedicated cooling and electrical systems to support the implementation of your systems. Our Turn-Key Datacenters® service gives you the flexibility to build out computer racks, containment, and electrical distribution to meet your density, redundancy, and layout requirements, and adjust your connectivity to your needs. Our Pod Architecture® service gives your company the same flexibility as a modular solution by assembling pre-fabricated components into multiple power and cooling configurations to best meet your requirements.

We have refined our electrical and cooling system designs to be fully redundant with no single points of failure. Our multiple resiliency options give you peace of mind over your data center stability and overall costs.

Additionally, we can provide connections to the network providers and customer peering connections of your choice. We can connect you with hundreds of network providers and interconnections to a wide variety of Fortune 1000 customers as well as connections to Open IX and other network exchanges.

As added values, Digital Realty’s energy procurement team is always working to purchase electricity at the lowest and most stable price over time to provide you with consistently lower electricity prices than the volatile electricity markets. We also provide a full complement of support services including installation and remote hands to support you and your team no matter where your team is located.

For 7 years running, Digital Realty has delivered a portfolio–wide uptime record of 99.999% (“five 9s”) for its data center operations, unmatched by any other data center provider because:

  • Electricity is served with fully redundant 2N electrical systems and industry leading UPS
  • Switchgear and other electrical equipment are backed up by redundant generators
  • Optional dedicated generators, additional generators and customized power delivery is available
  • Cooling systems have fully redundant components to provide the greatest uptime of filtered air to maintain temperature and humidity specifications
  • Our data center engineering experts can support custom or dedicated cooling systems
  • We monitor all critical building, cooling and electrical systems via our custom building monitoring platform

To keep your systems safe and secure, all of our data centers feature:

  • Advanced CCTV and access control systems
  • Dedicated 24/7/365 security personnel patrolling and monitoring the buildings
  • Identification of all visitors is validated by on-site security
  • Physical entrance portals all visitors must pass through
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