Metro Connect

What is Metro Connect?

Our Metro Connect service offers you a convenient, reliable, and secure method to connect to both Digital Realty and non-Digital Realty data centers within the same metropolitan area.

Metro Connect is a highly reliable network connection between data centers, connecting you to the resources you need within the same metro space. This can be a connection between two Digital Realty properties for customers with multiple deployments, or a connection from one of our facilities to a traditional “carrier hotel” within the same market. With Metro Connect you have dedicated access to service providers and enterprise clients in data centers within the same markets at a variety of connection speeds.

How does Metro Connect support my business?

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A dedicated circuit offers a secure path for the connection.

Access in multiple Digital Realty metro areas makes it easy to find a location that suits your needs.

Diverse fiber routes and a wide range of connection speeds to suit your unique needs.

Connectivity to nearby data centers directly as part of your data center solutions offering.

A highly resilient network backbone reducing points of failure offering a 99.999% (five nines) uptime uptime guarantee.

Speeds, Protocols and Interfaces

OC12 to OC48/STM16,
10, 1001000 megabits,
10 gigabits