Dedicated Internet Access

What is Dedicated Internet Access?

Our Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) service is a resilient blended bandwidth internet access product available in most U.S. metropolitan areas where Digital Realty colocation services are offered.

Our service offering has two delivery options from which you can select based on your needs: 

DIA Standard offers a single handoff, while DIA Premium offers a dual handoff option for those looking for added resiliency. Burstable service options – such as a 10Mbps connection that can “burst” to 100Mbps – offer you automatic scalability that accommodates sometimes unpredictable demand.

With DIA, you can choose whether to provide your own IP addresses or receive them from Digital Realty. These addresses can be routed statically or through Border Gateway Protocol (BGP).

To ensure that your connection is dependable and consistent, Digital Realty DIA combines the upstream connectivity of several providers across a fully managed, carrier-grade routing platform, resulting in a highly reliable, always-on Internet connection.

In some locations, as part of our Scale facility product offering, a third option is available. This is a non-blended, single-ISP-based service option for customers who want to order their IP access connection from Digital Realty rather than from our list of available ISP’s. This service option is known as DIA: IP Connect.

Dedicated Internet Access Features

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Flexible IP Address block assignments.

Cross connects included at no additional charge.

DIA availability in all major regions, reducing the need for multiple vendors.

24/7 monitoring.

Choice of copper Ethernet or fiber optic connections.

Single invoice for easy management.

Rapid, flexible partitioning.

Customer portal for intuitive service management and monitoring.

Excellent performance at a competitive price.

Media Types Available:

Cat5 Ethernet/RJ45Single Mode