Cross Connect

Cross Connects

Cross Connects are available in Fiber, COAX, and CAT5/6, or in T1 or POTS in some data centers, and can be delivered with various connectors.

Cross Connects may be ordered directly through the MarketplacePORTAL quickly and efficiently. As a Digital Realty customer, once your order is placed, you will be kept informed of its status directly through our automated MarketplacePORTAL updates.

Digital Realty knows that these connections serve as vital and mission-critical services.  Our customers can rest easy knowing the same operations group that boasts 9+ years of 99.999% (five nines) uptime for our entire data center portfolio will manage, install, and maintain these connections.

How do Cross Connects Support my Interconnection Requirements?

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Rapid connections to one or more service providers through a single unified panel

Scalability that allows your connections to adapt to expanding business needs

Simple, flexible, rapid deployments to numerous endpoints

Access to real-time inventory of connections via an award winning customer portal

Where are Cross Connects Available?

Cross Connects are available in all Digital Realty data centers. Please contact us for further information on how our Cross Connects and other interconnection services can support your specific business requirements.