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What is Data Center

Businesses operate based on connections. Connecting with the right business partners and having access to important resources supporting mission-critical applications is key to daily success. 

In Digital Realty data centers, these critical connections take place in what we call the Point of Presence, “POP Room,” or the “Meet-Me-Room” (MMR). As part of a Colocation deployment, the customer typically orders a “pack” of cross-connects that allows for pre-provisioned access to the MMR and to the various other service providers that are part of the MMR ecosystem. Packs are available for purchase in a variety of quantities, depending on how many connections your business may need to providers within the MMR.

How packs of cross connects work

A Cross Connect Pack will be built between your Colocation space and the MMR terminating to a dedicated patch panel. You will order individual connections in the MMR to cross connect to the provider(s) of your choice between your dedicated panel and panels that belong to other providers. All it takes is a simple order through our online MarketplacePORTAL.

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How do Cross Connects Support my Interconnection Requirements?

The Interconnect Portfolio is designed to help you adapt quickly to rapidly changing technology and business needs through high-performance services, bandwidth choice and product flexibility. These options are tailored to the requirements of organizations that need versatile solutions. 

Within the MMR you will have access to multiple service providers including Cloud Service Providers, ISP’s, Managed Network Service Providers, as well as many of our enterprise clients.

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Our Interconnection Center can launch your business to the next level:

Companies use our services to connect their employees to mission-critical infrastructure and applications within a secure, dependable system. 


Networks deploy thousands of cross connects to transmit voice, data and video from one provider to another. Digital Realty interconnections for this industry make up the largest part of America’s digital GDP.



Cloud providers and other managed service companies deploy virtual cross connects to offer their services to multiple customers occupying the same Digital Realty facility. They also connect to networks for further distribution.

Digital Media

Gaming, media and digital advertising companies use virtual cross connects to leverage cloud services and deliver content to business partners within the same Digital Realty center. Additionally, they use outbound networks to expand their reach.


Financial institutions use hundreds of cross connects to link to market data, exchanges and institutions around the world.